2CT Media has revolutionized how you can order vehicle wraps!

We removed all of the guesswork for you. We built a calculator to completely price your custom vehicle wrap while taking in to account all the factors required for a successful project. We currently offer our installation as a service to Arizona clients only, but in the near future, we will offer this nationwide.

We provide The AVERY solution:

2CT Media provides Avery’s solutions for wraps because it has consistently outperformed its competition in all areas including printability, ease of install, durability, and manufacturer support. These vehicle branding products are printed using the latest technologies. Our products are HP Latex Printed using the most current Latex Ink set and we have custom-built our print profiles to provide excellent color and exceptional laminate adhesion. We only use the best products on the market that are proven to last, and we work closely with the film manufacturer to ensure you have the right product on your vehicle. So, no matter if you have a single car, a few dozen trucks, or an entire fleet of hundreds or thousands; 2CT Media paired with the Avery solution will work hard for you.