Posters may be the best low-cost, high impact solution for broadcasting your message to customers. Posters are great for businesses and a perfect solution for parties, team sporting events, or various other uses. You can choose from preset standard sizes or create a custom size to maximize your message’s impact.


Our gloss poster paper is a digitally printed, wide format product perfect for semi-permanent indoor displays. This product is GelUV printed for High UV resistance and vivid colors. This new technology offers superior ink durability, stellar image reproduction, and the ability to display Matte or Gloss ink for exciting effects.


These posters are extraordinarily vivid, printed in full-color, and more than suitable for mounting directly to a wall, framed in wood or metal, or displayed in the various stands available. Posters provide an economical way to show your message to your audience.


Key Facts:

  • Very economical option

  • Maximum Size: 52" X 145'

  • High resolution digitally printed at 1800 x 600, GelUV inks

  • Available with Gloss or Matte Ink

  • Single-Sided printable only

  • Suitable for Indoor applications, Outdoor applications are discouraged.

  • Gloss Print Surface

  • Lamination is recommended, at minimum, for Outdoor applications.



Short Term, Indoor only Posters

GelUV Print Technology for Flexible Stock Printing


GelUV, when initially released in 2016, brought a lot of promise to change printing as we knew it. In late 2018 Oce’ released a new version of GelUV that made good on that promise. We adopted GelUV in 2019 after learning what it provides to our clients. GelUV offers a significantly expanded color gamut (over Latex inks), Higher throughput, near bullet-proof scratch/chemical resistance, much smoother gradients, and picture-perfect image quality. GelUV is our default technology of choice for all flexible stock printing, including Vehicle Graphics (Not Complex Wraps), Posters, Decals, Wall Graphics/Wraps, Banners, and more.


Key Facts:

  • High resolution: 1800 x 600 DPI

  • Expanded Color Gamut & Smooth Gradients: No DOT-Gain, 10pl Ink Droplets

  • Cold Printing: No Material Deformation, Exact Ink Placement

  • High Ink Flexibility. Great for all applications, excluding complex wraps.

  • Extremely Durable Inks: Near Bulletproof Scratch and Chemical Resistance

  • Minimal to No Ink Texture

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