FoamCore (FoamBoard)

Sold as 4' x 8' sheet

FoamCore is a long time industry standard. FoamCore is very versatile and it is also one of the most economical products we offer in the rigid printing industry. FoamCore is typically best suited for short term indoor signage, although it is versatile it, unfortunately, is not very durable. FoamCore is a 3/16” (4mm) thick composite of polystyrene foam with matte white or canvas textured paper face stock. This combination offers a great image surface allowing for smooth prints and great color while offering some thickness and rigidity to allow a freestanding display.

This product is not recommended for outdoor use, but for a short term or in a pinch it can be utilized. It does not have any resistance to UV or Weather and will quickly erode when exposed to water, please take caution if that is your intended use.

Points to know about FoamCore:

  • Matte or Canvas finish Paper Face
  • They're ideal for short-term indoor use
  • Not recommended for Outdoor Use
  • The standard 3/16" thickness (4mm) is a smooth alternative to cardboard or posterboard
  • Available to be printed both Single and Double-Sided
  • Easy to install and mount, extremely lightweight
  • Limited durability against Bending, Abrasion, UV, Weather, or other Physical Damage

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