Sold as 4' x 8' sheet

Aluminum is hands-down one of the most commonly used materials in signage, and this is due to its durability. Aluminum offers a high-strength, weatherproof surface for your signage needs and is commonly used in outdoor applications where its weatherproof nature is a benefit. You will find aluminum being used in Traffic and Wayfinding signage, Long-Term building signage, and anywhere signs are exposed to Water or Salt-Spray.

Points to know about Aluminum:

  • Extremely durable with a Semi-Gloss Finish
  • Optimal and Best Suited for Long-Term Exterior Signage
  • Water and Weatherproof, and Highly tolerant of temperature extremes
  • Available in 1/24” (.040”, 1mm) and 1/12” (.080”, 2mm)
  • Available to be printed both Single and Double-Sided
  • Lightweight allowing for many displaying options
  • Is the Superior Choice for all Exterior Applications
  • Can be easily cut to shape for various display applications

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