Acrylic (Plexiglass)

Sold as 4' x 8' sheet

Acrylic is a type of very hard plastic that mimics glass and offered in clear or white. Like glass, Acrylic offers a surface that has very high abrasion resistance but boasts 10x the shatter resistance. Acrylics standard glossy surface will help your signs POP or ask about our Matte / Frosted option for a rich printing, Glare-Free option.

Acrylic signs are very versatile, from freestanding displays to wall mounted with standoffs or hanging with custom shapes. Shaping, Engraving, or Cutting is no problem with Acrylic and we offer CNC Router and Laser finishing services. Using a combination of Shaping, Engraving, and Cutting we can help you create a sign with depth, character, and elegance. When paired with Lighting, Acrylic really starts to shine as the ideal sign substrate!

High durability both indoors and out, Acrylic is incredibly versatile. Fun Fact: Many Airplanes and Cars have acrylic instead of glass since it is so much more durable than glass and just as transparent with no green tinge. Acrylic has a downside, in large panel sizes it has lower crack resistance when flexed and over long-term weather exposure Acrylic can form a crazed (form a microcrack, scratched surface) appearance.

Acrylic as signs is affordable but highly durable and provides a look of quality and professionalism. We only use the best Acrylic, so quality is not an issue. The manufacturers we source our acrylic from have advanced the technologies required to produce acrylic rapidly over the last 3 decades. These advancements assure that each sheet is of the highest-quality, free from defects, consistent, and offers an optimal surface for superior ink adhesion.

Points to know about Acrylic:

  • Ideal for both Interior and Exterior Signage
  • Highly recommended for Interior Illuminated Signage
  • Water and Weatherproof, and Highly tolerant of temperature extremes
  • Available standard with a High Gloss finish, Matte / Frosted also available
  • Common thicknesses included 1/8", 3/16", and 1/4”.  Thicker sheets available by request
  • Versatile Display options available
  • A superior alternative to PVC Signs
  • It can be shaped, engraved, or cut to nearly any size and shape
  • Highly receptive to digital printing, both single and double-sided

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